About Jude Wilson

For more than 15 years, I have worked with couples and individuals — just like you — to help prepare them for a smart, sustainable retirement. I am passionate about the incredible power of something that sounds like a dry subject to many — retirement strategy. Retirement is the most amazing time in a person’s life. We are living longer, are in better health, and have greater opportunities to do the things we’ve always dreamed we could do.

My passion for this phase of life was born during with my childhood. I’m the son of immigrants who were eager to achieve the American Dream. They worked hard, raised their kids and taught the value of hard work and playing by the rules.

My parents understood the importance of working hard and saving money for retirement, but their idea of financial planning was investing in CDs and making sure their kids understood they had a responsibility to give back as they became successful adults. They were never exposed to the more sophisticated wealth building strategies that could have expanded their resources, which could have enhanced the quality of their life during retirement.

Shouldn’t everyone one have access to these strategies? This question made a significant impact on me. I wanted to learn as much as I could about wealth management and, more importantly, how to make the most out of a lifetime’s worth of hard earned financial resources. My desire to understand this subject so fueled my thirst for knowledge that before I knew it, I was a specialist.

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Our Services

At Wilson Group Financial, our goal is simple: we help you plan for a relaxing, rewarding financial future. Whether you’re just starting to map out – or are currently living – your retirement, we are your trusted partner when making these critical plans and decisions. Let’s look at what we can do for you. No two retirees have the same needs, so we’ll craft a concierge suite of services and strategies to set you off on the right foot towards retiring free.


Locating Opportunity

If you are like most, your retirement plan is chugging along. It might be customized to you, or it may just be on autopilot. Either way, at least you know it’s there. But, are you taking full advantage of the hidden opportunities to maximize the returns on your investments? At Wilson Group Financial we focus on identifying these often less obvious strategies to maximize their retirement returns. Are you claiming benefits at the optimal time? Are you keeping your asset mix right for your stage of life? If not, you should be. And we can help you every step of the way.


Mitigating Risk

While most retirement plans focus on building value, there should be an equal focus on protecting what you’ve already accumulated. Now, some risk is simply unavoidable, but I can help you prepare. Your unique situation deserves the right risk prevention. It may be life insurance, disability and long term care options or more. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. We will keep you focused on the positive, while we help mitigate the negative.


Legal Safeguards

No one likes to deal with legal issues. For many retirees, the effort happens too quickly and too late to be fully effective. An accident may happen or health may falter, and there wasn’t the legal forethought to prepare for these unexpected changes. A little prep work, however, can go a long way. And my legal team is here to help. Whether you need durable power of attorney, a living will, asset titling, estate planning, business succession or more, we will be on hand to handle the emergencies — before they become emergencies.


Legacy Planning

The goal of retirement planning to ensure your financial stability through the full course of your life. But what happens to your legacy when you’re gone? The ones you love may likely survive you. Your retirement planning shouldn’t end when you do. In addition to asset distribution, there are other situations we can help you plan for. Perhaps charitable giving is important you or you have educations to fund for those you love. Our strategies to make this easier and less costly, and we can help you start at any time.


Personal Fulfillment

Retirement planning is more than simply financial planning. It is really lifestyle planning for the years that lay ahead. For many, retiring well may mean vacations, a second home and enjoying the fruits of a lifetime of success. No need to save everything for future generations! I can work with you to balance your available assets and our best in class growth and protection strategies with your plans for a vital, exciting next chapter in your life.

The Wilson Group Team

I can’t do what I do without the non-stop support of my amazing team. With a wealth of professional staff resources through our broker dealer, J. W. Cole Financial, Inc., in Tampa and San Diego and a local team of six, we personally shepherd every aspect of your financial management strategy, from planning and execution to evaluation and course correction. Simply put, we work to assure each of our clients’ assets are managed at every level by a team that monitors each transaction with the utmost care.

Our Advantage

Like most financial advisory firms, we cover the critical aspects of your retirement. We assess your unique personal and professional financial goals. We develop financial strategies to help you meet those goals. We monitor and track the results through ongoing, personalized communications with you – our client.

So what sets us apart? In addition to our years of experience and expertise, we have a firm-wide focus on three key benefits to how we do what we do. As an independent financial strategy firm, we are committed to providing comprehensive solutions for your success based solely on strong analysis and key benefits – not a suite of solutions that suit other shareholders. Every plan we craft for clients is customized and as unique and important as you and your goals are. Finally, we are strategic by design. Our plans are fluid and responsive — things change and we adapt to protect your financial future. And we communicate every step to you.

Anything at all I didn’t cover — or any questions you may have? Please contact me at any time