For more than 15 years, I have worked with business owners and executives — just like you — to help prepare them for a smart, sustainable retirement. I am passionate about the incredible power of something that sounds like a dry subject to many — retirement strategy. Retirement is the most amazing time in a person’s life. We are living longer, are in better health, and have greater opportunities to do the things we’ve always dreamed we could do.

My passion for this phase of life was born during with my childhood. I’m the son of immigrants who were eager to achieve the American Dream. They worked hard, raised their kids and taught the value of hard work and playing by the rules.

My parents understood the importance of working hard and saving money for retirement, but their idea of financial planning was investing in CDs and making sure their kids understood they had a responsibility to give back as they became successful adults. They were never exposed to the more sophisticated wealth building strategies that could have expanded their resources, which could have enhanced the quality of their life during retirement.

Shouldn’t everyone one have access to these strategies? This question made a significant impact on me. I wanted to learn as much as I could about wealth management and, more importantly, how to make the most out of a lifetime’s worth of hard earned financial resources. My desire to understand this subject so fueled my thirst for knowledge that before I knew it, I was a specialist.


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